When it's time for parents to receive care

Tips to figure out when parents should receive careFather's Day is around the corner, and while thinking about what the perfect gift will be this year, it may be time to think about how Dad is doing. As parents age, their children are sometimes forced to make some tough decisions. However, when it comes to a parent's well being, a good approach to the subject may keep Dad around for more holidays to come.

According to the EmaxHealth, there are a few signs to look for that can indicate whether a loved one needs a little more assistance. Poor eating habits, hygiene and home maintenance are all signs that parents need help. In addition, unopened mail and mishandled finances can also give a warning that it is time to step in.

The news sources reports that 94 percent of fathers who participated in a recent survey said they would rather live by themselves as they get older than live with their children or move into an assisted living facility. And even though it may be hard, it is important to convince a parent that maybe moving into a place where they receive the proper care is the best thing for them.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, assisted living can offer health care management, help with activities, transportation and housekeeping.