Bringing a pet to the next stage of your life

Bringing a pet to the next stage of your lifeWhen it comes time to move to a retirement home or assisted living facility, it's often difficult for older adults to decide what to take with them and what to leave behind. One of the most tough choices one may have to make comes to animal companions.

While pets can offer a number of benefits to a senior, such as company and opportunities to exercise, they can also present issues for some older adults, according to Still, many older adults are sincerely attached to their furry friends, and forcing them to separate could be detrimental.

Some senior care facilities may be hesitant to allow canines or felines on the property. One method that seniors can use to help sway the owner of the retirement home is to have the dog certified as a therapy animal. There are a number of training programs that give certificates once a dog or cat has been approved.

On the other hand, some independent living communities may be more open to having animals on the ground. The best thing family members of older adults can do is to research all of the options thoroughly before making a final decision.