Retirees share insight on what they would have done differently

Retirees offer advice to baby boomersBaby boomers are getting closer to the age of retirement, and Canadian retirees offer some advice for these individuals before they enter this next stage in their life, according to the Advisor.

The TD Waterhouse Canadians and Retirement Report found that 58 percent of retirees wished that the saved more, and 28 percent wished that someone let them know they should pay off their debts before reaching retirement, according to the media outlet.

"While there's more to a fulfilling retirement than money, without enough savings, it's almost impossible to live your retirement dream and enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling retirement lifestyle," Patricia Lovett-Reid, senior vice-president with TD Waterhouse, told the news source.

As the boomers think about retirement, it is important to plan early and save accordingly in order to live their perfect idea for retirement, the news provider reports.

According to the U.S. News, the baby boomers will be increasing the retirement living industry. There are now 81.5 million Americans that are between 45 and 64, which is an increase of 32 percent since 2000.