Retirees may want to look into traveling

Retirees may want to think about travelingTraveling during retirement may be moreof an option, especially after older adults downsize a home or no longer have to worry about taking care of the kids. According to the Victoria Times Colonist, there are hotels that are offering up their rooms for a monthly fee rather than charging for a room per night.

Many prospective retirees are looking forward to an active lifestyle in this next stage of their lives, so why not travel the world for a part of it? Interior designer Joszi Meskan is promoting this idea to several hotels in hopes that they will jump on board, according to the news source.

"It's the way the rich used to live," Meskan told the news provider. "Use the hotel as a base camp. Spend your money traveling."

Meskan describes the rooms at little furnished apartments in which individuals can spend time without worrying about upkeep, the media outlet reports.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, it is important for baby boomers who are reaching the age of retirement to develop a plan that saves enough money and allows travel and a leisurely lifestyle while retired.