One reason we should celebrate higher gas prices

Higher gas prices got you down? Turn the higher costs into a big positive. When the price at the pumps gets to be too much, many of us drive less if we can. And if were driving less, its less pollution, less traffic congestion, and more time for ourselves.

And in the spirit ofmaking more time for ourselves, this months RetirementConnect introduces you to three writers whose articles will help you live happier and healthier lives.

We introduce Terri Corcoran from the Well Spouse Association who shares 11 warning signs of Dementia, Grace Egan from the New Jersey Foundation for Aging who says while her driving days are numbered, being car-less may not be such a bad thing, and Gail Mitchell of Empowering Caregivers who shows that while caring for an aging parent can be an emotionally draining experience, there are simple things we can do to get through lifes challenging times.


Robert Walker

Editor, RetirementConnect