Tips for downsizing to a new home

Moving to a retirement living community can be a big step for anyone. That's why it can be a good idea to think carefully about all of the options before choosing one;'s future home, and then consider how best to move the decades worth of possessions that can sometimes accumulate in an old house.

Reporter Stan Hinden recently wrote on that one of the first thing retirees should do is figure out how they will be moving their belongings.

Tips for downsizing to a new home If the family is big enough - and close enough - it could be possible to have grandkids use their energy to help. However, professional movers may be more gentle with the delicate items of a household.

The harder part of the move will be deciding what to keep. Hinden states that he was lucky, because some family members were willing to take some of the things that he was hesitant to give away or sell.

Other retirees have chosen to auction practically everything away by putting a price tag on nearly everything in the house and inviting the neighborhood to browse. Some experts recommend making a scrapbook of prized possessions that may not make it to the senior living community.  

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