Retirement home providers begin developing for boomer demand

Baby boomers are just retiring now, but many businesses are already developing retirement homes for the influential generation. They hope to get a head-start on designing senior living options for what will be the biggest senior population in United States history.

"The boomers are retiring now, but they probably won't need our services for 20 years," Paul Williams of the Assisted Living Federation of America told The Kansas City Star.

Retirement home providers begin developing for boomer demand "At that point there will be a tremendous demand for assisted living."

One of the most popular options may be continuing care communities. These facilities are created with a range of medical options available so, as one's needs change with age, he or she is able to stay in the same area the whole time. This can also be a great way for couples to move into the same community, even if their health requirements are different.

Many boomers are opting to rent home units instead of buying them, especially because many older adults don't have as big a nest egg as they would wish. One of the most popular properties is the standard, two bedroom duplex with an attached garage.  

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