Seniors choose the ivory tower for a retirement home

Older adults who are interested in staying in touch with other generations and having easy access to state-of-the-art learning facilities are now flocking to retirement homes that are located on college campuses, according to The Sacramento Bee.

That's the case at the University of California, where retired dean Robert Crummey and around 350 other residents enjoy their retirement living at the University Retirement Community.

Seniors choose the ivory tower for a retirement home He has fully embraced the opportunities there - Crummey is a member of the University chorus. Other residents venture into the classroom, while faculty visit the community to give lectures.

These new kinds of senior living communities are expected to be a significant trend among baby boomers, who are looking for a more integrated approach to their home during the golden years. Rather than a 65 plus area, they want a place that has a little bit of everything.

On campus, seniors can access libraries, go to sports games and enjoy the company of college-age students.

"We knew that being around a university would bring a lot to offer in terms of the stimulation, the performing arts and lifelong learning," resident of The Forest at Duke Murry Perlmutter told The New York Times. "We're here for life." 

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