Talking with a spouse about different retirement living options

Moving from an old home to a retirement living community is an emotional experience for many older couples, but some retirees may feel even more pressure if there is a disagreement with a partner on where or how to live. 

Take Kathleen A. Hughes, who wrote in The Wall Street Journal that she and her husband have vastly different ideas of what their retirement will be.

Talking with a spouse about different retirement living options She wants to travel to India, Egypt and Africa while he would be content to get an apartment in a city.

Experts state that the key is talking about the subject years before it becomes a real issue.

"If couples can begin to talk about the issues, they really do get to know what is important to each of them," author Dorian Mintzer told the publication. "They can develop a shared vision."

Whether that means moving to an independent living community down the street or across the country, at least both partners will be familiar with the other's preferences, which may make it easier to compromise.

The National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information states that up to 70 percent of baby boomers could require skilled nursing and other services in the future, according to  

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