Golden years can be isolating for older women living alone

As they grow older and their social networks shrink, senior women who are living alone may start to feel isolated. This demographic often isn't interested in making new connections, as they are used to a homebound life, so socializing can be particularly difficult, according to The New York Times.

"It gets harder to make friends - most people find it harder when they're older," Dr. Deborah Tannen told the publication.

Families may find it difficult to encourage social activity.

Golden years can be isolating for older women living alone Some experts suggest that adult children talk with parents and voice their concerns over continuing isolation. Some older people may want to consider the idea of a retirement living home, which can encourage new friendships and be an easier way for older women to stay engaged.

Women may also want to try volunteering, especially in a field in which they were once passionate. For example, an avid reader could try working at the library part-time to connect with people who are similarly interested in literature.

One study recently emphasized the need for seniors to live a social lifestyle, as it revealed that older adults with higher levels of social activity are less likely to have a disability.

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