Social life can help prevent disability in old age

A new study to be published in the April issue of the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences has found that older adults who are socially active are less likely to suffer from problems with mobility and other disabilities, according to

"Social activity has long been recognized as an essential component of healthy aging, but now we have strong evidence that it is also related to better everyday functioning and less disability in old age," said lead researcher Bryan James, the news source reports.

The study was composed of 954 seniors who had an average age of 82.

Social life can help prevent disability in old age At the start, none of them had any disability and underwent annual evaluations of mental, emotional and physical welfare. At the end of the review period, researchers found that those who lived a life with high social activity were twice as likely to be free of a handicap.

This may indicate that assisted living communities could be better for seniors than living alone, because these facilities often provide centers and group activities that can help older adults stay socially engaged in their golden years.

One survey conducted by retirement home provider Atria and the International Longevity Center has found that residents of retirement living facilities may have higher life satisfaction.

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