Seniors should take advantage of new preventative services

The Obama administration's healthcare reform package has included some valuable services for Medicare beneficiaries. suggests that individuals looking to stay their healthiest during retirement living may want to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Medicare offers seniors a free, comprehensive medical exam that can be a helpful way to screen for symptoms of chronic illnesses or other conditions.

Seniors should take advantage of new preventative services They will also be able to receive a free physical exam each year.

"Preventing diseases that can be prevented, and detecting others at earlier, more treatable stages, are among the keystones for transforming Medicare," said Jonathan Blum, director of the Center for Medicare, according to the news provider.

One of the most important additions to these free services is free tobacco cessation counseling. This program can help smokers kick the habit for good. Other core preventative options that are now free include bone mass measurement, diabetes screening, flu and pneumonia shots, mammograms and prostate cancer screening.

While the healthcare reform has opened up services for many seniors, it has come at a price. Medicare premiums are set to rise for beneficiaries who are enrolling in 2011.

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