Florida and Medicare: Paul Ryan visits retirement community

If you’ve been looking for more of a senior focus in the U.S. presidential election, then watch out, because it’s about to happen.

As reported recently by ABC News, Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan is traveling to the world’s largest retirement community today with his mother Elizabeth, who is close to 80 years old and who splits her time between Wisconsin and Florida.

Obamacare and Seniors: Two Opposing Views

On June 28, the US Supreme Court ruled that The Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – is constitutional. That means that moving forward, all Americans, including seniors, will be part of the Act.

That’s making many Americans very happy, but many others very unhappy. In fact, a recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows a very sharp divide, with 47 per cent of Americans in favor of the Affordable Care Act, while slightly less, 43 per cent, are opposed.

Buying Medicare Supplement Insurance? Read these 5 tips first...

In the United States, Medicare is the government-funded system where the healthcare needs of Americans over the age of 65, with some exceptions, is covered by providing them with health insurance.

Medicare provides support to nearly 50 million people in the U.S., but for many of them, it’s coverage just doesn’t go far enough.
Thus, Medigap was born.