Couple celebrates 64th anniversary at senior living community

After fighting in World War II, veteran Jim Anderson was returning from Germany when he paid a visit to some friends at Malacaster College. While he was there, he noticed a girl in the library who would become his future wife - Ollie.

In fact, he was so infatuated with her that he transferred from his former college to be with her. The busy students were excited to marry, but also too dedicated to their education to waste valuable academic time on a wedding.

Couple celebrates 64th anniversary at senior living community So, they waited for a school break to do it.

They married on Valentine's Day in 1947 and recently celebrated their 64th anniversary together at Callista Courts, a senior living community.

The Andersons are avid travelers and have visited all 50 states, in addition to Norway, Nova Scotia, Sweden and Africa.

Still, they're looking forward to more excitement as they settle into their new home at Callista Courts, where they moved after Jim broke his hip.

The couple isn't the only pair that recently celebrated a happy anniversary - John and Louise Rienzo shared their 70th last month at Bristal Assisted Living Community in New York, according to The New York Daily News.

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