Making an informed decision about senior housing

Families may find that it's difficult to decide when it's time for an older adult to move into a new home and, when this occurs, it's very important to know the distinctions between different senior housing options, according to

Assisted living facilities provide minor treatment for seniors that include bathing and dressing needs, as well as other daily tasks that may have become difficult.

Making an informed decision about senior housing This can include meal preparation and cleaning around a residence.

Nursing homes are meant for those who require more intensive medical treatment, such as seniors who suffer from mental or physical health conditions that make it necessary for them to be supervised the majority of the time.

The Times Herald reports that independent living facilities are another option for those who still value their autonomy. These residences offer a safe community for older adults, but also respect their freedom. There are fewer services included in these homes, but one can also choose, to some extent, the amount of assistance that is needed.

Regardless of how much an older adult wants to remain independent, families should evaluate safety first. Seniors who age in their original homes are forced to deal with obstacles such as stairs, lawn maintenance and may also become isolated.

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