Expo displays services for baby boomers and seniors

The third annual Senior-Boomer Healthy Aging expo took place at the Coweta County Fairgrounds on October 30 in Georgia and it provided local seniors and baby boomers a chance to familiarize themselves with services they may not have known about before, The Times-Herald reports.

Vendor Ann Marie Rowe suggested that this was an opportunity for older adults to find little-known services that could make their lives easier.

"That might be bill preparation and bill payment, reading and sorting through the mail, going grocery shopping, or even something as simple as putting up a Christmas wreath," she told the news provider.

Many different providers were present at the event.

Expo displays services for baby boomers and seniors There were local representatives of assisted living facilities and adult daycare. Other presentations offered different tips concerning interior design, skin care, elder law and insurance.

Event organizer Lizbeth Andrew told the news provider that there were 500 people or more at the expo.

This fall, expos appear to be a popular venue for those who are looking at options for retirement living. In October, AARP's annual [email protected]+ Expo attracted more than 22,000 attendees and featured a long list of different vendors and services.

There also many notable speakers who discussed aging, such as Newt Gingrich, Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King.

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