Ohio home care community makes independent living easier

Many older adults strive to live independently at home as long as possible, and according to The Columbus Dispatch, for some residents in Ohio, home care has made that desire more feasible than ever.

The news source reports that those living in Athens County have banded together to form villages, which provide access to reduced-cost visiting nurses, home maintenance and other services that may make life easier for senior citizens.

Ohio home care community makes independent living easier This community-oriented system helps individuals such as 79-year-old Elizabeth Larson who, despite being unable to drive or read, still lives alone.

"I don't want to have to move to a retirement community, and I don't want to move in with my children," Larson told the news provider.

The village in Athens, Ohio, was started less than one year ago and came about mainly because of necessity. The village's secretary, Peggy Cohn, told the news outlet that the founders feared they would have no options as they got older. Each member pays just $400 a year for access to the services.

Villages and other innovative options for elder care may become increasingly important in the near future. According to SeniorJournal.com, the population of people 65 and older will grow faster than any other demographic starting in 2011.

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