Former high school becomes assisted living center

Senior citizens who will be living in Whispering Oaks assisted living center in Waupun, Wisconsin, when it soon opens its doors may have spent time there during their younger days. The Beaver Dam Daily Citizen reports that the building used to be the town's high school, and later a middle school.

The news source reports that the building has undergone a series of extensive renovations over the last several years and is now a pristine facility.

Former high school becomes assisted living center Some residents even attended class in the structure.

"The nostalgia factor is big here and we factored it in," manager and part owner Dion Droll told the news provider. "We tried to incorporate the ambiance factor of the school. Some of the handrails and bricks in the stairways are original."

The Administration on Aging (AOA) reports that the amount of older adults residing in assisted living facilities jumps dramatically once an individual reaches 85. According to the AOA, 3.8 percent of people between 75 and 84 live in such facilities, while 15.4 percent of those 85 or older do.

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