Pennsylvania man rides coaster for 4,000th time

A 78-year-old Pennsylvania man recently achieved a unique accomplishment. According to Thaindian News, Vic Klemen rode a certain roller coaster at local Kennywood Park in West Miffin a staggering 90 times on Sunday. The 90th ride brought the septuagenarian up to 4,000 lifetime rides.

The news source reports that the coaster, nicknamed the Jack Rabbit and and features a 70-foot double dip drop, has been in operation at the park for more than 90 years, a milestone that inspired Klemen to attempt his feat this past weekend.

Pennsylvania man rides coaster for 4,000th time

Klemen, who is a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts, told the news provider that he became attached to the coaster when he began riding it in 1959. He added that he rides it around 20 times per visit.

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