Monitoring heart rate can warn of health problems

Work done by researchers at Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute suggests new ways to keep track of one's health. reports that the findings show that monitoring heart rate over time can uncover serious health issues.

"It is easy and inexpensive to determine heart rate, and in fact is done routinely in a doctor's office," lead researcher Dr Peter Okin told the news provider. "But this study suggests that physicians need to track the pattern over a number of years, not just consider single readings,"

The news source reports that the study found that a heart rate higher than 84 beats per minute that persisted throughout the course of the five year study resulted in a 55 percent greater risk for cardiovascular death as well as a 79 percent higher risk of dying from any other causes.

According to WebMD, there are several ways for older adults to maintain good heart health, with one of the easiest being the consumption of heart-healthy foods.

Monitoring heart rate can warn of health problems Experts believe foods such as blueberries, salmon and oatmeal will all result in improving one's cardiovascular health.

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