New Haven retirement living centers offering yoga classes

Senior citizens in New Haven, Connecticut are using a new way to ease both their mind and body. The New Haven Register reports that the city's three retirement living centers have been offering free yoga classes.

The news source reports that the classes are taught by 68-year-old Debby Kahan and are funded through Community Development Block Grant Funds.

New Haven retirement living centers offering yoga classes The effort is part of the city's project to provide more exercise opportunities for their older residents. Kahan claims that the connection between the mind and body is strong and believes yoga can help improve older adults' lives by getting them moving.

"Exercise itself is an upper," Kahan told the news provider. "I tell them to challenge themselves, but if it's too much, sit down."

Many experts report that that yoga can be one of the most beneficial activities for both younger people and the elderly. According to WebMD, research has shown that the exercise has a positive effect on one's heart health and can lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. The activity may also reduce symptoms of depression and has been shown to improve one's mood.

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