Regular exercise, healthy diet may reverse effects of aging

While exercising and eating right are both well-known ways to stay at a healthy weight, according to, recent studies have shown that staying active and watching what one eats may prevent the physical and mental effects of aging.

"This research gives us a hint that the way these extremely powerful lifestyle factors act is by attenuating or reversing the decline in our synapses," researcher Joshua Sanes, whose study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, told the news source.

The news provider reports that, as people age, their neuromuscular synapses begin to deteriorate.

Regular exercise, healthy diet may reverse effects of aging This causes the nerves to shrink, making it more difficult for impulses to be sent to the muscles, resulting in the death of muscle fibers. The results of the study showed that aging mice which were on a regular exercise regimen experienced reversal of this damage.

Despite the importance of exercise, The American Society on Aging reports that many older adults do not get enough, and that by age 75, one in two women do not get any physical activity at all.

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