Spinal fluid test may predict Alzheimer's

Researchers are touting the results of a new study that may be 100 percent effective in identifying patients with Alzheimer's disease, The New York Times Reports.

The study, which was published in the Archives of Neurology, shows encouraging results from a commercially available spinal fluid test. According to the news source, the research focused on more than 400 patients, 114 with normal memory, 200 with memory problems and 102 with Alzheimer's.

The subjects' spinal fluid was then analyzed for two proteins associated with the mental illness - amyloid beta and tau.

Spinal fluid test may predict Alzheimer's The scientists found that three-quarters of patients with mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to Alzheimer's, had high levels of the proteins, and every one those subjects developed the diseases within five years.

"This is literally on the cutting edge of where the field is," Dr Steven DeKosky told the news provider. "The field is moving fast. You can get a test that is approved by the FDA., and cutting edge doctors will use it."

According to WebMD, eating a healthy diet may help prevent Alzheimer's, as adults with elevated cholesterol have shown to be at an increased risk for the disease.

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