Committee begins search for pets for seniors

A retirement living community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, recently lost two dogs that used to roam the halls. WPMT reports that St. Anne's retirement community was home to two canine pets, but since one has passed away and the other became injured, it has left them looking for replacements.

The two dogs were an integral part of the community, and a recently formed pet committee is attempting to raise money to bring some furry friends back into the lives of the residents.

"A lot of times when they come here to St.

Committee begins search for pets for seniors Anne's they leave loved ones behind such as an animal or pet," fund raising leader Karen Kuhn told the news source. "So we want to make it very involved and homey for them here and a pet is a part of that,"

Older adults who have moved into assisted living communities can benefit from the companionship offered by pets. According to, many retirement age individuals often become lonely, citing research that found that 60 percent of a group of 500 patients, aged 70 or older, experienced some form of unwelcome solitude.

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