Colorado coalition raises funds for Memory Walk

A group of local businesses, including an assisted living community in Colorado, are joining together to collect money for Alzheimer's disease. According to The Coloradoan, the five businesses hope to raise $5,000 for the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk.

The fundraiser is aimed at helping people like 77-year-old Ruth Stinson, who had to move her husband, Don, into a assisted living community due to the mental illness.

Colorado coalition raises funds for Memory Walk Don Stinson had lived with the disease since the 1990s, but earlier this year could not stay at home any longer.

"It is very hard to have a husband with Alzheimer's because as you watch this person slowly lose their memory, they [lose] their identity," Stinson told the news source. "It is heartbreaking when I see my husband and he can't remember who I am or who his children are."

The news provider reported that the Memory Walk is the largest event in the United States for raising funds and awarness of the disease, having collected more than $300 million since it started in 1989.

The Alzheimer's Association stresses the importance of early detection, reminding people that if one is diagnosed early, they can explore different treatments that can help maintain an independent lifestyle much longer.

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