Takes steps to make the house fall proof

Accidental falls can be one of the most significant dangers facing senior citizens, and can compromise one's independent living. Although it becomes increasingly common as individuals age, MyOptimumHealth.com reports that there are several ways to take to prevent injury.

One of the most frequently recommended steps to take is to exercise.

Takes steps to make the house fall proof According to the news source, programs such as aquatic exercise and tai chi can both improve balance and reduce the risk of the fall. Physical therapy can also help seniors by improving muscle strength.

Experts told the news provider that taking certain precautions around the house can be a good idea as well. Installing night-lights in bedrooms and hallways will illuminate dark walkways that can be potential pitfalls. Along with that, keeping heavily traveled areas free of clutter and furniture is important too.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that falls among older adults are extremely common, with more than one third of individuals over 65 experiencing a fall each year. The CDC adds that falls can have especially dire consequences, as the they are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in the elderly.

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