Technological advances can facilitate independent living

When one moves a parent from their home to an assisted living community, the change can sometimes be an unwelcome one. According to The New York Times, there are some innovative technologies and websites that are making it easier for the elderly to remain at home.

"If an individual can be safe at home, family relationships are enhanced and costs are reduced," William Kaiser, a director of the UCLA Wireless Health Institute told the news source.

Technological advances can facilitate independent living "New technologies are creating a revolution in the ability of individuals to stay at home."

One such website, the news provider reports, is called Lotsa Helping Hands. This free service allows family members to provide improved elder care by setting up a private community with each other. Then, tasks such as providing rides to doctor appointments and the grocery store can be easily coordinated.

Another new, beneficial piece of electronics is the Philips Lifeline, which can be installed to measure a person's wellbeing and send emergency personnel if a serious situation arises.

These additions may become increasingly important as the Centers for Disease Control estimates that the portion of the population over the age 65 is expected to rise from 12.4 percent in 2000 to 19.6 percent in 2030.

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