Colorado nonagenarian continues to golf

Many people refer to golf as a lifelong game, and 92-year-old Pueblo, Colorado, resident Lee Pollard is living proof. The Pueblo Chieftain reports that Pollard began playing the game as a way to spend time with her husband, and has at it - 23 years after he passed away.

"I was near 60 when I played for the first time. My husband needed a golf partner and it sounded like something fun that I wanted to learn how to do," she told the news source.

Pollard joined an 18-hole women's league and organized the first women's group at Walking Stick Golf Course in 1995.

Colorado nonagenarian continues to golf Despite having a pacemaker put in at 91, she continues to play two or three times a week. Along with allowing her to maintain an active lifestyle, Pollard added that she enjoys the camaraderie it provides.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), staying physical active is especially important in older women. The CDC estimates that a highly active, non-smoking 65-year-old woman can anticipate a life expectancy six years higher than similar women who are inactive.

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