Children should follow certain steps as parents age

Although the challenges that face children as their parents get older can be difficult, according to the Chicago Sun Times, following several steps can make the harrowing process somewhat easier.

"Taking care of your parents happens before many of us even realize it. First, we're shopping for them. Then we're taking them to doctors' appointments," finance expert Eric Tyson told the news source.

Tyson tells the news provider that planning ahead will make the transition to retirement living much easier when the time comes.

Children should follow certain steps as parents age One of the most important areas he stresses to not overlook health. He tells children to encourage their parents to keep track of their own health, wellbeing and be proactive about concerns.

Another area Tyson recommends looking into is looking into retirement living housing options. There are a number of choices when it comes to assisted living communities and children should make informed decisions.

Having children prepared will be important in the near future as the population of older adults is expcted to grow. The Administration on Aging estimates that there will be 72.1 million elderly people in the United States by 2030, which is twice as many as there was in 2000.

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