Michigan septuagenarian regains independent lifestyle

Although 73-year-old Ruth Jewell has had to manage a number of ailments, ranging from arthritis to diabetes, thanks to a new service, the Michigan resident has made a return to independent living.

LivingstonDaily.com reports that Jewell was first moved into a nursing home after she suffered a stroke during surgery for a brain tumor, and she could not wait to return home.

Michigan septuagenarian regains independent lifestyle That was when the Nursing Facility Transition Program, which is run by the Area Agency on Aging 1-B and provides qualified individuals with the tools necessary to make the transition to living on their own, gave her the essentials like a dresser, couch and hospital bed.

Since moving back home, Jewell has been able to shop and visit friends and her quality of life has improved.

"I'm just glad I did it because I was getting depressed in the nursing home," Jewell told the news source.

This service could be a useful tool, as the typical nursing home stay is over 2 years. According to the Centers for Disease Control 1.5 million Americans are currently in nursing homes, with the average time of admission being 835 days.

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