Ringo Starr hits 70, not slowing down

When former Beatle Ringo Starr turned 70 last week, he certainly did not act like it. The famous drummer and oldest of the Fab Four still regularly performs, and did so at his own star-studded celebratory concert at Radio City Music Hall. According to Entertainment Weekly, after a raucous set Starr was joined on stage by 68-year-old Paul McCartney and the two performed the Beatles classic Birthday.

Both McCartney and the newly-minted septuagenarian Starr lead an incredibly active lifestyle, even 40 years after The Beatles broke up.

Ringo Starr hits 70, not slowing down

Of course, the benefits of active living are not exclusive to aging rock stars. The Centers for Disease (CDC) control says that there are a large number of reasons for staying physically active as one ages. For example, it can substantially delay the onset of physical limitations and loss of independence. The source also claims that an active lifestyle can help stave off cognitive decline as well.

While it is good for one's health, the amount of people who are physically fit is incredibly low. The CDC reports that 35.9 percent of adults aged 75 or older are inactive.

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