Tai chi helping seniors keep active, sleep better

It is widely known that sleeplessness has a long list of negative effects. However, what is less obvious is that almost half of older adults have trouble sleeping, myOptimumHealth.com reports. While some sleep aids can be effective, they also come with unfavorable side effects. According to the news source, senior citizens who have trouble sleeping have been turning to tai chi in an effort to gain a more restful night.

Tai chi uniquely combines relaxation and exercise by utilizing deep breathing and slow structured movements.

Tai chi helping seniors keep active, sleep better A study by UCLA showed that two-thirds of a group of 112 people between the ages of 59 and 86 who participated in tai chi training for 25 weeks noticed improved sleep, the news outlet says. Tai chi classes are offered at numerous health clubs and there are also books and DVDs for those interested in starting.

The results show just another benefit of active living. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), staying active can reduce symptoms of depression, arthritis and can significantly reduce the risk of falls. The CDC sites a study that shows older women who exercised regularly had 58 percent less falls.

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