Record setting temperatures put elderly at risk

As temperatures climbed into the 100s in the Northeast this week, the health risks of high heat became much more elevated. The Weather Channel reports that temperatures in Manhattan climbed to 100 for the first time since 2001 and according to, senior citizens are especially susceptible to the dangers extreme temperatures.

"Senior citizens are most at risk because they no longer have the sense to feel they are getting overheated," Mark Silberman, director of the emergency room at St John's Riverside Hospital, told the news source.

Silberman recommends those providing care or living close to senior citizens should take extra time to monitor the amount of their sun exposure and fluid consumption.

Record setting temperatures put elderly at risk He added that they should also be mindful if individuals take medications that raise temperatures because that can cause them to overheat more quickly.

The Mayo Clinic says that if someone is suspected of suffering from heatstroke, they should quickly be moved out of the sun and into the shade. After that, cool them down with damp sheets and have them sip cold water.

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