Research shows combination of tests can predict Alzheimer's

In the fight against Alzheimer's disease, early detection is key. There may now be some good news for prospective Alzheimer's patients as reports that U.S. researchers claim to have found the most effective predictor to date.

The study was conducted on 85 people and showed that a specific brain imaging and a memory recall test can help diagnose cognitive problems that would eventually be Alzheimer's.

Research shows combination of tests can predict Alzheimer's According to the one of the researchers, combining the two test had never been done before.

"When you look at them all independently, they are all useful for predicting conversion (to Alzheimer's disease) and decline," researcher Susan Landau told the news source. "The novel thing we did was put them all together in the same statistical model and compared them to see which were the most useful."

The patients were studied for an average of almost two years and were between the ages of 55 an 90. Of the 85 participants, 28 developed Alzheimer's during the course of the study. The Alzheimer's Association reports that the disease is the cause of dementia in 70 percent of people 71 or older.

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