Assisted living community has graduation day

Most high school students across the country have graduated over the past month, but according to the Grand Island Independent, some residents at a Nebraska assisted living community celebrated getting a diploma as well.

Seventeen residents who never graduated from high school were given an honorary ceremony on Wednesday.

Assisted living community has graduation day The graduation was the brainchild of Grace Nordlund after she heard about a high school that gave degrees to veterans who cut their education short to serve in the military.

Despite the fact the ceremony only featured 17 graduates, it played out in typical fashion. The honorees marched down the aisle to Pomp and Circumstance, wore mortar boards received a commencement address from the director of the Doane College Campus in Grand Island, Nebraska Jennifer Worthington.

"I'm glad to have this opportunity to recognize your work and dedication and to say congratulations," Worthington told the graduates. "You have accomplished many goals in your lives."

Among those who had to cut their education short was 99-year-old Delphine Woitaszewsk who told the source had to drop out to take care of her siblings.

Dropping out of high school is not uncommon, even today. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer moree than 200,000 Philadelphia adults do not have a high school degree.

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