Canadian group walks, runs for Alzheimer's

Walkers, joggers and bikers braved the conditions in Carman, Canada earlier this month in an effort to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's, the Valley Leader reports.

Despite the less than ideal weather, the annual Alzheimer Memory Walk in Carman was a success and still managed to raise $5,900 for the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.

Canadian group walks, runs for Alzheimer's One of the group's coordinators, Marge Warkentin, was really pleased with the outcome.

"It worked out really well considering the weather," Warkentin told the news outlet. "I know people come back year-after-year, but you don't know what to expect especially when the weather is like that."

She added that the community's commitment demonstrated their support and generosity.

Though the money raised is a great addition to the event, Warkentin mentioned that increasing awareness of the disease was also important.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, 5.3 million Americans suffer from the illness and between 2000 and 2006, deaths due to Alzheimer's increased by 46 percent.

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