Texas assisted living community has unique feature

An assisted living community in Texas is truly one of a kind. According to AARP.com, the Escapees CARE Center, about an hour north of Houston, is a retirement community where the residents live in their own RV.

There are 35 spots at the RV park, which features a library, swimming pool, exercise equipment and other activities.

Texas assisted living community has unique feature Aside from the recreational aspects, the CARE Center offers residents with an on-site nurse and basic RV maintenance. Facility manager for CARE Robert Brinton says the community provides individuals with an opportunity to live independently.

"Many people don't want to be a burden on their family," Brinton told the source. "The people here can be as independent as they want without any of the negatives."

The CARE Center is staffed primarily by volunteers who work for the non-profit Escapees organization.

New, innovative options for retirement living will become increasingly important in the coming years as baby boomers reach retirement age. USA Today reported that by 2030 the number of people in the United States over the age of 65 will be nearly double what it is now.

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