Waffle House employee retires at 90

Fifteen years ago, then-75-year-old Mildred Holley would help out at a local South Carolina Waffle House when things got busy, but she did it for free. However, ever since she has been on the payroll as one of the most beloved members of the staff.

According to the Aiken Standard, Holley, the third oldest employee in the chain's 55-year history, went to work for the last time last week, a day before her 90th birthday.

Despite her age, Holley remained one of the most active members of the staff but was forced to retire because of a bad hip.

"She's been a big influence," store manager Nate Greene told the news source.

Waffle House employee retires at 90 "She worked harder than anyone else, considering her age. It's that she can get here and do the things she does. None of us have an excuse, yet she still cleans up after us."

Holley is one of a growing number of senior citizens making active living a priority. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Lake Port Square retirment community in Leesburg, Florida offers an array of fitness classes.

"I've been active all my life, and I really enjoy it," 91-year-old Roy Tuttle told the source. "It just gives you a lift."

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