Study shows aging makes people happier

A new study has found that the older people get, the happier they become.

MSNBC reported that a Gallup survey of more than 340,000 Americans in 2008 found that people in their mid-to-late 50s were generally happier than younger individuals. Along with being happier, older people typically experience less stress and worry than young adults. The study also found that while both men and women are happier, the latter felt better about themselves overall.

While the results are encouraging for those over 50, the reasons for the findings are hard to pin down, the researchers claim.

Study shows aging makes people happier Some experts speculate that it could be because of having a partner and adult children, but the scientists can't say for sure and add that it will require further investigation.

"That can be based on social things, on societal things, on biological things and for us that is the big question," study researcher Arthur Stone, a psychologist at Stony Brook University told the news source.

According to a, the findings of a separate study are even more positive for those Americans over 80. About half of U.S. residents in their late 80s reported being "very happy," the news outlet said.

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