Washington resident leaves surprise gift for town

When Verna Oller passed away in May at the age of 98, almost nobody saw what was coming next.

According to the Seattle Times, Oller had secretly amassed a $4.5 million stock portfolio while maintaining a simple lifestyle and donated it all to her home town of Long Beach, Washington. Much of the money will go to the construction of the town's first swimming pool, with the rest being spent on endowment and scholarships.

Oller was known for living simply, the news outlet reports.

Washington resident leaves surprise gift for town Before she moved to an assisted living community, she lived in a house heated only by a wood stove. It was that frugality that made the realization so shocking.

"No one had a clue," Long Beach town manager Gene Miles told the news source. "This is not something she wore on her sleeve by a long shot."

Seniors should certainly follow Oller's example. The Huffington Post reports that in 2007, 20.5 percent of unmarried women 65 or older lived below the government's definition of poverty.

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