Assisted living center becoming one with nature

A new program at a Michigan assisted living center has residents feeling blue - but in a good way. A series of activities has taught the residents about bluebirds and allowed them to build 12 birdhouses to be placed around the center, Michigan Live reported.

According to the news outlet, it only took about a week for birds to start moving into the freshly built homes.

Assisted living center becoming one with nature One house had bluebird eggs and two others had signs of tree swallows.

The program was aimed at not only providing homes for bluebirds but also to give purpose to some people who otherwise might not have one.

"A lot of these people don't get out. They don't get an opportunity to get out of the building that much, much less get out in nature," activity director Michael York told the news source. "There are some people who feel they have a purpose."

Getting outdoors can provide people with numerous benefits. An increasing number of doctors are recommending going outside to treat patients with a wide range of health problems. Author Richard Louv told the Washington Post that "physicians can do more [to get people out into nature] than any other professional."

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