Wisconsin assisted living center residents going green

Inspired by a class being taught at a local high school, 79-year-old Leo Remackle is imploring other residents at his assisted living center to make an effort to go green.

"I thought 'Hey that's interesting. Can we do something about that?,'" Remackle told the Wausau Daily Hearld.

According to news outlet, Remackle and the other residents voted last week to conserve water, recycle more diligently and use less energy.

Wisconsin assisted living center residents going green

About 30 of the 50 or so residents of the community attended the meeting including 90-year-old Charlotte Webb, who appreciated the unique nature of the initiative.

"It's kind of unusual for people who are in their 90s or their 80s to be so interested in what is going on in the world," Webb told the news source.

The seniors at Appelgate Terrace certainly aren't alone in their effort to conserve. The movement has been in full swing for much of the second half of the last decade and has had environmentalists looking for any means to recycle. Most recently, nine world cup teams have used everything from recycled bottles to plastic bottles to make uniforms.

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