Ohio resident, almost 70, completes 800-mile bike ride

Sixty-eight year old Peter Noonan ran the New York marathon over 30 years ago in 1979, but that's nothing compared to his latest feat. The Springfield, Ohio resident recently completed a 795-mile bike ride to attend his 50th class reunion in Deerfield, Massachusetts on June 10.

Noonan told the Springfield News-Sun that he got the idea after reading about a man who made a similar journey from Denver to Miami University for a class reunion.

However, Noonan said he is not taking part in active living as a means of exercise or to save money on gas but also for a good cause.

Ohio resident, almost 70, completes 800-mile bike ride He's using his ride to raise money the Springfield Rotary Club's project to build an orphange in Lesotho.

"I'm using that as an excuse to get other Rotarians to pledge so much per mile," Noonan told the news source.

Although Noonan took it to the extreme, the benefits of an active living are widely known. According to the WalesOnline, research has shown those who exercise regularly have a longer life span on average than those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

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