Turning retirement living into a new life

Early retirement often brings exciting new adventures but, for one Washington-area couple, their sudden departure from the workforce led to them buying a whole new town.

Neal and Maddie Love recently left behind careers that were both more than two decades long, according to AARP News Bulletin Today. Neal Love worked for a telecommunications company for twenty-eight years before being let go, an experience which he describes as "heart-wrenching." Maddie Love worked for twenty-two years as a trade show event manager, before she quit because "life's too short" and she wanted some independent living away from the rat race.

The Loves decided to move from Bothell, Washington, a city of 32,000, to Wauconda, Washington - a town twenty miles out of cell phone range.

Turning retirement living into a new life The couple even took it a step further and bought the town on eBay, an area which is no more than a gas station, a convenience store and a restaurant, using their savings as a deposit and selling most of their possessions.

"It's probably the biggest gamble I've ever made," Neal Love told the news source, but he's optimistic. "We're re-creating our life."

According to the United States government, the earliest age for official retirement is 62.

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