Centenarian goes for a spin in 87 year-old Bentley

Fred Roberts had one birthday wish during his retirement living after his long career as a heating and ventilation engineer- he wanted to own a 1923 Bentley, according to the East Anglian Daily Times.

This model of car is a much-lauded British legend, having won races in Europe before World War II, when Roberts was just a teenager.

Centenarian goes for a spin in 87 year-old Bentley One year ago, on his ninety-ninth birthday, Roberts finally asked his family for one. His daughter, Christine Fenby, admitted that while the ancient Bentley was out of the family's price range, they took extra care to do the next best thing.

On Roberts' hundredth birthday, a 1923 Bentley showed up at his door to chauffeur him around the countryside. His drive in the open-roofed car took him from his assisted living facility in Clare to the famous and luxurious Ickworth Hotel, where Roberts' family of seven grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren greeted him and treated him to dinner and a birthday party.

Not only did Roberts get a ride in his dream auto, he also got an official telegram from the Queen herself wishing him a happy birthday. "He had a fabulous time and really enjoyed it," Fenby said told the news source.

According to BentleyMotors.com, the classic British car company was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919.

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