Senior citizens upset over public transportation budget cuts

For retirement living city dwellers, public transportation is often the key to their independence. As they age, elder citizens often choose to forgo driving and instead rely on the bus and subway to get around.

Now it looks like many seniors' freedom may be in jeopardy. According to AARP Bulletin Today, budget constraints may cause some cities in America to cut their transit systems.

"San Francisco’s MUNI bus and train system just cut 10 percent of its service despite the fact that they are busting at the seams with riders," Rob Padgette, of The American Public Transit Association (APTA), told the news outlet.

Other affected cities include Chicago, Atlanta, and perhaps most surprisingly - New York City.

Senior citizens upset over public transportation budget cuts In fact, The Big Apple just closed down two subway lines and 20 bus routes.

"For millions of older Americans, public transportation is critical to maintaining independence and quality of life," William Millar, APTA President, told the news source.

According to APTA, public transportation use has grown since 1995 more than population and highway users.

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