Active living senior's film debuts in festival

Many active living seniors take up exercise or gardening when they're older. One retirement living senior living in California has a new hobby that may be a surprise to some - filmmaking.

According to the Marin Independent Journal, Enid Chasanoff, who is 84 years old, has directed her first short film, "Leah and the Horse." The flick was accepted into Women in Film Festival in Vancouver, B.C, which took place last weekend.

Active living senior's film debuts in festival

"It's amazing," Chanasoff told the news source. "It wasn't something I even considered when I was 83."

Chasanoff worked as a recreational therapist when she was younger, but she always considered herself to be an artist. While raising two children, she also dabbled in photography and doll making.

The octogenarian's film deals with death, but also touches on the sexuality of seniors.

"I'm 84 years old, and I'm constantly thinking about life and death, but also about the sensuality of elderly people," she said.

Clint Eastwood currently holds the title for the oldest director to win an Academy Award. The icon, who will be 80 years old this year, earned an Oscar in 2005 for "Million Dollar Baby."

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