Retirement living seniors should be cautious about census workers

Retirement livings seniors are likely to have recently received the 2010 census form. While the questionnaire may at first be daunting, people should remember it's important to fill out the paperwork and return it to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Seniors should also keep in mind that government workers are often hired to collect data in person from individuals who did not return the form. However, people are now being advised to remain cautious of fraudulent census workers.

Retirement living seniors should be cautious about census workers

A story on AARP Bulletin Today recommends seniors take several actions if they receive a visit from a census worker. Individuals should ask to see a person's identification and inspect it carefully. Every badge will include an employee's name, an expiration date, and a Department of Commerce watermark.

Also, seniors are being warned that census takers will never ask for personal identification, such as a social security number.

Retirement living seniors should remember that filling out the census form and mailing it by April 1, 2010 could help them avoid certain problems, such as identity theft. According to, over 10 million Americans are victims of identity crimes every year.

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