New bikes built specifically for active living seniors

Many baby boomers have fond memories of cruising down the streets of their neighborhood on their first bike, but some likely thought that their cycling days were behind them.

Happily, active living seniors who have a lust for the open road can now hop on a pedal-assisted bike designed specifically for them.

There are now a variety of bike companies making bikes with features like added shock absorbers, gender-specific gel seats, ergonomic handgrips, and tweaks in the bike's basic engineering that reduce knee or back strain, according to

New bikes built specifically for active living seniors

"The number of baby boomers and older [bike] riders is skyrocketing," Loren Snyder, spokesperson for the bike company Cannondale USA, told the news source. She added that number of riders over 50, as a category, moved from 7 percent up to 21 percent as of 2008.

In addition to providing active living seniors with a fun way to exercise and travel, bikes are an environmentally friendly way to get around. Those who seek to live an eco-friendly lifestyle are sure to appreciate the low carbon-footprint that a bike boasts.

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