Some active living seniors may be planning to age-in-place

A report by the marketing firm Brain Sells has sought to pin down some of the values and habits that classify the baby boomer population, which is defined as any individual born between 1946 and 1964. Researchers found that the majority of baby boomers have a positive outlook on life.

According to Dr Bob Deutsch, who was involved in the survey, the baby boomer generation seems to have a general optimism that enables them to make the best of situations, even if they can't always overcome adversity.

Some active living seniors may be planning to age-in-place

Perhaps this buoyant attitude is what is inspiring many active living seniors to consider aging-in-place. Those who are still working and engaged in their community may not see a need to relocate. reports that the results of the 2010 U.S. Census, which will be released in December, will show that many active living seniors plan to grow older in their current homes.

However, it is likely that towns and businesses will begin to cater to the needs of the aging demographic.

"You used to think of places that attracted seniors as specialized retirement communities," baby boomer expert William Frey told the website. "Now, in effect, most of America will be a 'retirement' community."

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